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The Discovery of Eilleen Twain


Life-long music man, Paul Sabu, is at home in California finishing up another soundtrack piece for a TV show. His career has over twenty credits for music in various films and television programs. Paul then plans on setting aside time to work on his tenth CD with several co writes on his calendar. In between his studio work Paul has dates to keep the live in-person career active to take advantage of the critical acclaim that his Bangkok Rules CD has created. The purpose of the interview with Paul is not only to catch up on his latest work, but to talk about some co writing he did back in 1988 in Canada. Paul smiles and comments.. ."Youth and dreams. what a great combination. I have some great memories of Canada and the thriving music community. I had a feeling the country was on the verge of creating several stars, not just one. In 1988, a producer friend, Harry Hinde 'called from Toronto and asked if I would like to do some writing with a young female vocalist who had attracted some interest in her career. That is my first recollection of working with this young Canadian singer named Eilleen Edwards who had a big dream . Of course, I am speaking of the mega world star whose dreams came true as Shania Twain. My first impression was of the energy and passion she had for music. Creativity plus. After a conversation with her and her producer, Harry, I agreed to co write. At first, I thought it would be in Toronto, but that was not to be. It was somewhere in the middle of Ontario in a place called Huntsville. When I inquired about transportation I found that it would be in Eilleen's truck. That's right, this fireball of talent was a truck driver. Talk about someone who could drive in Nascar. It was peddle to the metal and heading North. She talked music and plans all the way and I knew this was going to be a non stop creative schedule. Is she driven?, she is the driver! I didn't tell her at the time, but I was freaking out that we were going to fly off the road....she was as focused on her driving as she was in talking about her music. Eilleen reminded me of another artist who was "pure talent". The artist I was referring to was Ann Margret. I worked with Ann and her husband,Roger Smith, when she was on her way to becoming the biggest star in Las Vegas. Roger and Ann are great people and thinking back on Ann's show, she was and is a mega star and I treasure them as friends. At the time, I did not envision that similar 'Las Vegas' stardom for this little energy source ,Eileen. I thought she had all the right talents to be a rock star. I recall getting material like Boston and other rock albums for her to check out. We had a great time writing together on this debut CD. I also enjoyed working with Harry. Eilleen and I forged ahead with writing and recorded anywhere we could cut tracks. We wrote and wrote and it was a very creative time for Eilleen. Unfortunately, Harry's major label passed on the product. I have heard since they later regretted not signing her. My memories are all related to the creativity and the energy that was in abundance. The star that she has become is a joy to see. I am grateful for that call from Harry so long ago letting me know about Eilleen. Now, I even have fond memories of the driving skills of Eilleen. If I get a chance to see Eilleen again in Las Vegas. I will tell her that I want her to know that she and her talents remind me of another super nova star. Ann Margaret. I believe she would be pleased. My career continues to be full of creativity and writing and I've got to get back to the soundtrack. Thanks for the interview. It just reminded me how fortunate songwriters are. Eilleen you are the greatest. Paul Sabu co-writer with Eilleen Twain on her first album BEGINNINGS interview with Mel Shaw.


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