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John Rowlands


The art of photographing music stars is sensing the music moment as it is a fan first then as a music enthusiast and if you are at historic a photo journalist. Capturing the moment for history.....also takes a master's touch. It allows us all to see time through the lens of a master. John Rowlands stands tall with the great rock and roll photographers of history. His lens has captured...THE BEATLES, ELVIS, THE ROLLING STONES, DAVID BOWIE, JUNO AWARD winners through the decades and THE DEERHURST DREAMERS. John dedicated years of his life to working closely with his friends, Brian Ayres and Nick Panaseiko at Deerhurst as the official photographer and in the DVD interview he recalls the dreams of those he photographed. JR

The Beatles 50th. Anniversary “In my life I’ve loved them” lyrics can change a life forever

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