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David Marsden


David Marsden is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a historic radio personality from Canada. His career has touched on all music formats and creative programming. Mr "Spirit of Radio" has been there and knows all the players. David comments, " I too feel an affinity to all who were part of a glorious time for Canadian music, the birth of the golden era for Canada and the emergence of so many stars. In working in radio I was familiar with the energy and career of Nick Panaseiko and his renowned involvement as a promoter for Warner Brothers and Quality records. "Nick's vision through time has brought this production to life and when I was asked to be involved with the narration, I was pleased to be the spokesperson for this time capsule of life, capturing an era of togetherness that we will never see again.I knew the times the participants and the life and dreams they all shared.....for you see in that era, I was there too".


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