The Cast of the Deerhurst Vegas Show

The work ethic...... the rehearsals - these kids put in long hours to make it look easy.......

Deerhurst Cast

New songs, new choreography and they were a team. Each singer took a turn at a few lead lines or in the chorus. The solo spots gave them a chance to shine.

Deerhurst Cast Deerhurst Cast Deerhurst Cast

In their hearts they were all focused on the bigger picture, the chance to shine in the spotlight. When the house lights dimmed there was magic in the air, even in the selection of songs. They meant every word and you could tell. "Somewhere out there". It was as if Eilleen Twain believed in her heart there was something bigger in her future. There was and it would be greater than she could have ever dreamed. It was just a matter of time.

Eilleen Twain


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