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Bill Waterhouse


The main man behind the scenes was and is Bill Waterhouse. It was the Waterhouse family that first settled the land back in the early days. The land was passed down and each generation built more and created more to make it a major destination. It was Bill who had the vision to have it become the mega resort it is today. His enthusiasm and positive spirit made it possible to create the resort complex that led to the success of the Deerhurst golden era has also been the inspiration in creating this video tribute to all in the VEGAS NORTH DVD. In a letter to the producer, Nick Panaseiko, Bill expressed his continued enthusiasm for the "Golden" times and people who worked at Deerhurst. "I wish to express my whole hearted support of the Deerhurst project. I am willing to participate in interviews, share any archival materials pertaining to Deerhurst and my involvement from Hidden Valley to the Deerhurst era. I am prepared to assemble creative materials for use in this project at your discretion. I look forward to my participation in the project and reminiscing with friends and colleagues especially those involved in the entertainment element of Deerhurst. Wishing you all success in bringing this project to fruition. Still building dreams." Bill Waterhouse Bill, everyone in the cast thanks you.


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